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I am not a writer. Talking is really what I do best. I have decided to start this Blog so I can talk even when no one is listening. Changing with the years is more about how I have changed as I have gotten older. Some of the changes are good (I hope) and some of the changes are bad. As this Blog evolves, I hope it will get better and change as I am.

It’s a New Year and it really started out with a bang. I am a procrastinator and this morning I thought I could waste enough time and I wouldn’t have enough time to get ready to go to church. Alas, it was not to be. Hubby woke up and pointed out the time and the fact that we needed to hurry so we wouldn’t be late for the worship service. I won’t detail every minute….but we did get ready in time and were in pur seats before 11:00 am.  Everything was normal….and if I must be truthful regular means slightly boring. We sang, there were announcements, mentions of new people added to the prayer list, sang some more and the offering was taken. Nothing different..(though sometimes I sort of wish someone would vary things just so some of the old people will look up and wonder what happened!) Our Preacher stood up and went to the pulpit to begin his sermon…AGAIN..I was hoping for something out of the ordinary..but nothing but more of the same……..UNTIL the end……our preacher pulled out a piece of paper and instead of the usual invitation he began to read a letter. On New Year’s Day, our preacher of 7 years read his resignation to the congregation.  I wasn’t shocked… was more of a relief.  Our church has lost a lot of members the last 7 years…A lot of enthusiasm has also seemed to trickle out the door.  This is a good man…he preaches the word…but he is not a PASTOR. There is a big difference between a preacher and a Pastor.  Now we start a New Year and will begin the process of finding a new leader for our church.  I am truly hoping that whoever the search committee is composed of, they will choose someone who is a better fit for our church. I HAS BEEN A LONG 7 YEARS.

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